Bank Reconciliation and Reporting

Treasurers, this is where you'll spend a good deal of your time, so we've endeavoured to make your stay in this function as comfy as possible.

This set of screens has multiple functions, so without further ado, let's jump in and get a feel for what you've got at your disposal here.


From the Financials tab in the Control Room, click on the button that looks like this:


Top Level

You will be presented with the top level screen of what can be best described as a hierarchy. This highest level allows you to specify a date range of your choosing that you'd like to work with. All the way down the chain of screens, that initial date range you've specified will be honoured.

After plugging in your date range, you'll notice that all of the payments that have come into the system will have been grouped into the different methods of payment used. Naturally, these payments fall within the date range you specified from the outset.

The beauty of the Majestri merchant is really on show here. For Web and BPay payment methods, no bank reconciliation is required back into the system, as we've already done it all for you. All other payment methods may require some level of reconciliation to be done off the bank statement, especially after Sign-On Day if you were unlucky enough to be given the unenviable task of banking cash or cheques.

Second Level

There are two slightly-differing types of drilldown screen available here, depending on which method of payment you want to drill into. When you stop to think about it, it kind of makes sense that Web and BPay will have extra columns that show which Payment Run somebody's payment was transferred from Majestri to your club's bank account.

Regardless of which type of drilldown screen you're looking at, there's some pretty cool functionality to be found here. Each payment amount is hyperlinked and, when clicked, you'll be able to see exactly which debts that payment was used to service.

There are also two buttons at the top of the grid.