Cancelling Registrations and Orders

Everyone's seen it happen. Little Bailey was all keen to play until the second week of the year when he'd prefer to be an astronaut instead. The exasperated parent wants to cancel the registration and the order they had in for all the kit. It happens, and it's painful. This is the place to be to see how we've taken all of the pain out of it.


When you inspect a single registration or order record, on the right-hand side of the screen you will see

for a registration, and

for an order.

Click whichever link you can see and the following popup will appear.


And then?

There are really two parts to this.

1. The reason for the cancellation
This is reasonably straight-forward. Select the most appropriate type of cancellation and then put a nice concise reason in there.

2. The financial implications of the cancellation
This is where Majestri saves you the most time. We analyse the registration/order for you and work out what adjustments could be automatically created as a result of the cancellation.

  • If no money had been paid, then it will be a single credit to cancel out the entire debt.
  • If some money was paid, then there will be a refund raised to pay that money back (if you want to), and also a single credit to cancel out the residual debt.
  • If they'd already paid in full, then a refund will be raised for the full amount.

If you don't want this done automatically, then leave all checkboxes unchecked and create the adjustments manually.

Note: If some of the debt has been offset with a voucher or a credit, then we recommend that you process these refunds manually as you may not want to refund the credited portion or the voucher to the person.