Chasing Debts

This is surely the worst job for anyone on a volunteer Committee to ever have to do. It's awkward and uncomfortable, and it's time-consuming.

We readily give humanity the benefit of the doubt and are firm believers that the majority of people who owe money would pay if it was convenient enough to do so.

In recognition of this, we've got some great tools to do this work. Sighs of relief on hand if you please....

How it works?

It doesn't matter whether you choose to chase up a heap of people in one go or just one, what happens behind the scenes is exactly the same.

A popup form will appear that looks like this.


This screen forms part of the email that goes out to the people who owe you money. You're in control of the subject line and also most of the actual content of the email. The first line of the message is inserted by the Majestri system. It contains a link that, once clicked by the recipient, will take them straight into their MyDetails screen where they can then see the amount they owe, with the option to settle the debt right then and there with their credit card.

How simple is that? It'll save you so much time.

Notifying all Outstanding Debtors

From the Financials tab in the Control Room, you will see a figure in red that will track the amount of money that is owed, to the club. Now that's a handy little feature by itself, but if you click on that you will find yourself in the Outstanding Debtors screen. If you've never been in this screen before, you might want a brief overview of the Outstanding Debtors screen.

Now what we're interested in here for the purposes of chasing up debts are the checkboxes located to the left of everybody's name. Select everybody that you'd like to send a notification to and then click this link located on the right of the screen.

The popup that appears is explained in the above section.

Notifying a Single Debtor

Before the super "bulk" function in the previous section, there was Send Action Link. This function is available to anybody with Control Room access and is visible on any person's MyDetails screen. You can click on this link and you will see the popup screen described in the first section on this page.