Committee FAQ

This page contains all of the questions we normally receive about building a committee and granting access to different people.

How do I build my Committee in Majestri?

It's dead simple. Cast a glance over our Nutshell guide for all the tips and tricks.

What's the difference between an Administrator and a Committee member in terms of security?

There is only one major difference. A Committee has a life-span in terms of Control Room access to Majestri. The day after a Committee has expired, any Committee member who is not an Administrator will immediately lose Control Room access. There is no time limit on the Administrators group.

How do I add someone to the Committee who is not in the system?

There are two ways to do this; the long way and the short way.

Check out the Golden Nuggets page for the short way.

For the long way, you can go to the People and Groups tab in the Control Room and hit the Add a Person button. Enter their details and confirm them.

Upon returning to the Committee screen, you will now see that person in the list of people who you can add.


How can I get more Committee roles added to the list?

Email us at We will happily add a reasonable number of roles (we'd be okay with ~5 new roles).

I've built my Committee and it was super-easy like you said. How do they now get a password so they can log in?

This step is surprisingly easy too. Now you've built your Committee you can send them an email through the system. Just direct them all to the login page so they get themselves a password just as you did when you first logged in. Because they're on an active Committee, their Control Room access will be ready and waiting for them.

I've added someone to the Committee and when they log in they don't see a Control Room. What's that about?

Aahh, the old duplicate person in the system trick, hey? Well, it won't work.

What you're going to need to do his head on over to the Fix Duplicates function in order to make sure that the person you've added isn't already duplicated in the system. Essentially, you need to keep merging until you get that person to a single record, as their attempts to log in are potentially being matched with one of their "less-privileged" records.