Dropdown Menus in a Nutshell

Building the menus that appear across the top of your public web site is always a subjective experience. What makes sense to one person doesn't make sense to another. It is something that changes very regularly, so we decided to build a designer so that you could make the updates yourself.

You'll get the hang of how it works in to time, but you may have to think a little bit laterally.

Anchor yourself to the ledge and let's plunge into the world of "dropdowns".


The Menu system can be found in the Control Room, on the Content tab as highlighted below:

Content  Menu

Getting your bearings

You should never be starting from a blank slate here. When we set up your shell site, we normally put a couple of menu items in there out-of-the-box, so it'll look a little something like this.

Menu Builder

Now, if you turn your head down 90 degrees to the right, the menu layout above will be an accurate representation of what the menu on your web site looks like. Keep this perspective in mind.

Adding new items

This should be fairly straight-forward after you've got your bearings. There are multiple links available for inserting menu items into the position where the "Add" link appears. Click on any of the "Add a Menu Item" links, and you'll see the following popup:

Most of these options are self-evident as to what they create links to. The only one worth discussing here is the I want to create a drop down menu option. This option lets you build a drop-down menu off this new element that you are inserting. You'll see that if you choose to create a drop-down menu, you'l get a new "Add a Menu Item" link that appears indented. This lets you start building the sub-menu.

Once you have your Menu items ready, simply use the Up and Down arrows on the right of the Menu Builder to move the menu items up or down. Note: using the Up/Down arrows on the main menu level shifts the whole menu stack.