Email and SMS FAQ

How can I add attachments to emails sent from the system?

It can't be done. Not even the benchmark systems for communications in the market, like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, allow you to send attachments.

There are two major reasons this is the case:
  1. Email communication in bulk is largely priced on the size of messages. A free-for-all on sending thousands of emails with huge attachments would put everybody out of business.
  2. Most modern mail filters are suspicious of attachments. There is no guarantee they won't be ripped out of inbound emails by aggressive email filters.

The way to distribute files using Majestri is to first load the attachments into the Document Vault. You will then be able to create emails and link to items in the Document Vault which recipients can use to download them.

My emails have a mixture of font sizes and styles. How can I fix it?

Just as with web content, if you're copying and pasting from an external source, it is best to paste into Notepad first, and then from Notepad into Majestri. This normally removes all external styling. For reasons currently unknown to us, this doesn't work 100% of the time. Sometimes it's just better to start all over again with a brand new email and go straight from Notepad.

** Majic Note
If you know your way around HTML, you can always use the "View Source" button on the toolbar to edit the HTML directly. See here to understand more about the toolbar.

How can I see statistics about who opened my emails?

You can't. That type of requirement is beyond the functionality that we provide in the emailing tools in Majestri. We recommend Campaign Monitor or MailChimp for that type of requirement. Even we ourselves use Campaign Monitor when we want that type of information from our marketing campaigns.

How can I see all sent messages?

The top bar in the Control Room has a button called Email/SMS Sent. Check out the Nutshell guide for more detail.

Why can't I see messages I send from Majestri in my Sent Items folder?

Majestri is not connected to your Outlook or Gmail account. The emailing from the system runs totally independently. See the item above for information on viewing message history.

Why are your SMS credits so expensive to purchase?

We sell SMS credits to clubs at cost price, and don't see the sale of SMS credits as a revenue source for Majestri. Previously, we tried a dirt-cheap SMS solution, but the messages went via such far-flung locations as the Ukraine, Namibia and Greenland. On occasion, messages took hours to reach the handset of the recipient, and on other occasions didn't turn up at all.
We predict that the SMS provider market will get extremely competitive in the near future and drive prices down. We are always on the lookout for a new service provider and will automatically pass on any cost savings to our clubs.

When I send an SMS, who will the sender be on the recipient's phone?

That depends. If your mobile number is recorded against your user record, you will get a dropdown list that allows you to send as either your club name (a short version thereof), or your own mobile number.
A good rule of thumb is to send as your mobile number if you want a reply, or the club name if it's one-way.

My club name is too short as the sender when I send SMS messages. How do I make it bigger?

You've got 11 characters to play with, and they can't have any spaces in it. If you've got a better suggestion than the default one we've set up, please do send it through and we'll alter it for you.
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