Email and SMS in a Nutshell

If communicating with your member base has been a huge problem in the past, you've come to the right place. Forget about maintaining lists of email addresses and mobile phone numbers; the system does all that for you.

You're here now because you want to start blasting out messages to make sure everyone's on the same page. This guide gives you an overview on what types of messages you can send, and who you can target with them.

Get our your bullhorns, people! We're going to say it loud, and say it clear.


There are heaps of places where you can kick off a communication; it all depends on who you want it to reach. Here are some scenarios, and where to find the right option.

So you want to send a message to everyone who's registered this season:


So you want to send a message to everyone who's registered this season, plus some other custom groups you've set up in the system:


So you want to send a message to one or more of your custom groups:


Seeing what's been sent

You are able to view the history of messages you've sent from the system in the Control Room highlighted below:


Sending SMS messages

Buying SMS credits is really easy to do and entirely an automated process. You don't need to contact us. Simply go to any screen that allows you to send SMS messages.

In the top left area of the screen, you'll see a panel that informs you how many credits you have available.

Simply click on the Purchase more Credits link to buy a book of credits.

** Majic Note
One SMS credit is used for each recipient of your message, including extra mobile numbers.
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