Event Aftermath Workflow

Hopefully, by now, the flurry of activity has died down. You used the Majestri system on Sign-On Day and everything went off without a hitch. Excellent stuff!

So now we're in that period after Sign-On and before the kick-off of the season. There's a few activities that you'll probably be involved in, and below is a list of them. Check it all out to make sure that you stay on the ball.

Modifying Registrations

Registrations may need alterations. People in the wrong playing group; kids left off registrations. Make sure you get all of your registration data in order with this short guide to modifying registrations.

Modifying Online Shop Orders

It's likely that a few people were so excited with the Majestri Experience that the mouse slipped and they ordered an XL skirt or shorts instead of the XS. Avoid your players taking to the field looking like scarecrows by jumping in and amending their orders to ensure everyone gets the right kit.

Manual Receipting

If you've allowed EFT as a payment option, then you've probably got some payments dribbling into the club bank account. You're going to want to receipt them back into Majestri off the bank statement, so here's how you do it.

Adjusting Debts and Issuing Refunds

Mistakes happen. People register players into the wrong group and get over- or under-charged all the time. It's life. Tidy things up in heartbeat for them and you by creating adjustments.

Chasing Debts

Take some of the loathing out of chasing debts and find out more about our built-in tools to make things less personal and more efficient.

Tracking and Reporting the Money

This is where the Treasurer is worth their wait in gold. Whatever your requirements, you can get what you need out of Majestri's financial data using our trusty Bank Reconciliation tools.

Bank Transfers from Majestri

Every Tuesday, Majestri will place your club's proceeds (online credit/debit card and BPay payments minus the Majestri merchant fee) directly into your bank account. We're proud of how transparent this process is and encourage you to get familiar with this area of the system so you can see for yourself.

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