Event Kickoff Checklist

Once you're happy with everything about the setup of your event, it's time to open the gates and start letting everybody register.

This guide can be used as a checklist to make sure that you do all the steps required to make sure everybody at the club knows about your event, and can complete a registration.

Go through the Setup Checklist

It's better to be safe than sorry!

Go to the Event Setup Checklist to make sure there's nothing you've forgotten.

Check that Fees have been Set

There's nothing worse than forgetting to attach your fees and set the correct amounts. If you open up the gates and forget to do this step, then your first 30 registrations are essentially going to be free!

Check your Registration Form

Preview it one last time and make sure that you're getting all the information you need from everybody on the form.

Do a Test Registration

Before you kick open the gates, it can be a good idea to do a registration of your own, especially if you've asked us to construct a complex fee calculator.
It doesn't have to be real data - you can invent a family with a few kids and create a registration for them. Test out the different combinations and permutations that you've outlined in the fee calculator requirements to make sure that everything's calculated correctly.
The big thing to remember is that you don't need to actually take these test registrations through the checkout! Just take them up to the checkout, and essentially leave them incomplete.
Here's a link to our guide on testing event registrations.

Do your Real Registration

If you (as a player or parent) or any of your family are actually participating in this event, then you may actually do your proper registration. This will involve going through the checkout as it should generate the invoice.

Sending Out Invites

This is one of the strongest features of the Majestri system - how easy it is for people to register if the club already knows who they are. The system will initiate an email for your returning members to give them the easiest registration experience that you could possibly give someone.

To send out the invite, locate the Send Registration Invite button your Event Setup screen.

Event  Setup -  Send  Rego  Invite

The emailing screen should be fairly familiar by now, but this particular one also contains a list of all historical events that has been run through the system. It's important to note that this includes the event we created and imported your players/parents into when you first signed up to Majestri. You can "check" on any of these events so that all registrants in those events will also receive an invite to the one you're opening up.

Send  Rego  Invite -  Choose  Recipients

There are two very important things to note at this point, and we often get these questions:
  • You can send an invite as many times as you like - it won't be resent to people who have already registered, or are on the central 'Do Not Email' register.
  • The system will only send one email per address. People will not receive an email for every historical event they were part of.

For your members, they receive an email in their Inbox that looks a little something like this:

Rego  Invite  Email
The best part of the email is the big blue button in the middle of the email. Your members will click that button and it will take them directly to the start of the registration process, with full knowledge of who they are - no usernames, no passwords, no roadblocks, no frustration!


Publish to your Web Site

This step is only valid if you are using Majestri as your public-facing web site, OR you are always sending people to the home page of your Majestri site to do a registration.

The next piece of advice is to only do this when you're ready to start taking registrations.

Your returning members should receive the email invite (previous section), so this mechanism is really for brand new players or returning members no longer in control of the email address that we have for them.

To publish your event to your home page, locate the Publish to Web Page button on the right-hand side of your Event Setup screen.

Event  Setup -  Publish to  Web  Page
Once clicked, you'll see our normal content editor popup. As you'll quickly discover, the system has pre-fabbed most of the content based on what we already know about the event - should save you some time! The only difference with the content editor in "Event Publish" mode is that there is an extra drop-down list at the bottom.

Event  Setup -  Publish to  Web  Page  Content  Editor
This lets you pick any of your web pages created in Majestri to publish the event to. The home page makes the most sense, and there's actually nothing to stop you repeating this process if you want to publish to more than one of your web pages.