Event Storm Workflow

There has been a flurry of activity. Registrations and shop orders have come pouring in online. Your Sign-On Day is fast approaching. Below are listed the activities that you should familiarise yourself (and your Committee) with so that there is nothing but calm in the clubhouse.

Sign-On Day Preparation

A must for anybody's night-time reading in the lead-up to Sign-On Day is our very own Survival Guide that we have prepared.

Doing it on behalf of somebody else

You may find yourself in the situation where you want to create a registration or place a shop order on somebody else's behalf. This can happen if they've got you on the phone or they turn up on the other side of the desk on Sign-On Day.

Manually Receipting Payments

The great news is that everybody who pays via either online credit/debit card or BPay leaves you with absolutely no work at all to do. The Majestri system automatically processes and reconciles those payments back against the original debt. We do charge for payments that we process on your behalf but you haven't seen how the other half live until you've experienced us doing all the work.

Check out all the ins and outs of manually receipting payments.

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