Failed Payments

What is this screen about? You open it up and there's a big list of 'failed' payments. What does it mean? What do you have to do? Due to popular demand, we've put a quick overview together on the purpose of this screen and to explain its place in the utility belt of financial tools at your disposal in Majestri.


The Majestri merchant is kind of a black box for clubs. Your members pay money through your site, the money comes to us, and then we transfer it to you once a week. We keep the system up to date in the meantime reflecting what is happening.
Sometimes, a member will register and go through the club checkout in order to pay their fees online by credit card. For any number of reasons, their attempted payment may not be successful. The system lets them have another go at paying (as many as they want) and frequently it'll work the second time. If, however, they decide to talk to somebody on the committee about the failed payment, the committee member will know nothing about it. More importantly, they won't have a mechanism to find out any more detail. That's why we built this screen.

What does each failed payment mean?

Don't read too much into this screen. It just gives an audit trail of all failed payments that have been recorded in the system. It gives no context as to whether a successful payment was made immediately after. Trust the rest of the system financials to tell you whether somebody owes money or not.

The purpose of this screen is to simply show a payment failure and the reason for it. It is purely for information; nothing more.

What do I need to do?

Absolutely nothing. You should only ever really need to come into this screen if one of your members is having trouble paying via the site with their credit card and they call you. You'll be able to tell them the precise reason the payment is failing without having to get in contact with Majestri.


As the system matures, you'll find that we'll show you more and more of what's going on under the hood. It all relates to your club, so you deserve to see as much information as we can give you.
It takes time for us to build these screens and functionality though, so bear with us. We promise you it'll be worth the wait.

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