Fee Package Quickies

How do I get my schedule of fees into Majestri for my upcoming event?

Our Nutshell guide tells you exactly how the process works.

How do our members select discounts they're entitled to?

They don't need to. Our registration process is exceptional and we would go as far to say that it's the best you'll find anywhere. They just register the players they need to register and we calculate all of the fees based on the rules that you gave us.

How complicated can I make the schedule of fees?

We do pretty well at handling the more common structures going around, such as those consisting of playing groups, levies and discounting rules.
If you're thinking of a set of rules that require us to triangulate conversion rates between the Australian dollar and 2 foreign currencies, we will probably come back to you with a charge to build it. We need to put a value on our time to do things like that.
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