Fee Packages in a Nutshell

Easily one of the best features of Majestri, we hand-craft a fee package to suit the type of fee structure that you want to adopt for the upcoming season.

We've seen a lot of our competitors force your members to select which type of package they qualify for with regards to family discounts and the like. It's confusing and, you'd have to agree, prone to error. No such problem with us. Your members just register their players and we calculate the fees based on the rules you provided with us when we built your custom fee package. It really is a golden experience for everyone.


When in Event Setup mode, go to the main event screen for your target event and locate the second section on the screen, pictured below.


Fee Package Structure

All you need to do is provide us the structure of your fee package. We have a few very simple ones ready to go out of the box:

  • Fee per Player
  • Fee per Registration

Frequently, fees are tied to the age and playing group for each player. There is often a volunteer levy as well as the possibility of a discount for families with 2 or more players.

The way to get your fee package configured is simple and consists of three very easy steps.
  1. Describe to us the structure and rules of your fee package.
  2. We will go away and feverishly assemble a custom fee package structure that consists of the rules you've given us and notify you when it's ready.
  3. You attach your fee package structure to your main Season event and enter the dollar amounts that apply for each component of the package. With any luck the structure will remain the same and you can just keep adjusting the fee amounts at the start of each year.

Once completed, your fee package should look a little something like this:


** Majic Disclaimer
Do try to keep your fee package structure as simple as possible. We will build a custom one for free if it is reasonably straight-forward. If you provide us with a structure that requires the Majestri boys go out and get degrees in Applied Physics, we may come back and negotiate a charge for our time. In saying that, it hasn't happened yet.

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