Financial Settings

So you've climbed aboard the Majestri train and you're eager to get up and going so you can start taking registrations and selling all your gear online. A couple of minutes taken to make sure that these core settings are all configured properly will ensure you're ready to throw open the gates and get people in.


Click on the Financials tab in the Control Room, and locate the button highlighted below:


Bank Account Details

Enter your club's bank account details straight away. These are used for 2 reasons:

1. Majestri needs these details to transfer the proceeds of your online payments once a week.
2. Printing on the bottom of invoices if you decide to allow EFT payments.
We cannot stress the importance of checking these details for accuracy. Your club's bank account details must be correct. Check them at least 3 times.


If you have an ABN, entering it into this field will ensure that it appears on all outgoing invoices.

Reporting Options

Enter the first month of your club's financial year into this field. It is used for all financial screens that utilise a date range for enquiry - the quick-link for showing transactions in a financial year will magically adjust to whatever the month is that is entered here.

Invoice Options

There are a couple of little settings that tailor some things on invoices issued to members from Majestri.


Check this box on if your club is registered for, and charges, GST. The notation of the invoice will also be altered to read 'Tax Invoice', a requirement for any document that includes GST.

Invoice Terms

Setting any value in this field will ensure that the issued invoice includes a due date. It's debatable as to what effect this will actually have, but it will probably be noticed by your more conscientious members. It obviously doesn't apply to members who use their credit card from the checkout, or who apply for a Payment Plan.

Payment Options

As a club, you also get to control which payment methods are offered to your members. The set that you can see in this section are all off-line methods, which means that your members will use the invoice to make the payment.

You may be wondering why Credit Cards and Payment Plans are not on this list. Here's why:

Credit Cards

Due to the very strict overheads imposed by the card schemes via PCI compliance and reporting, Majestri needs to be in control of this setting. We are able to alter it on request, with the caveat that only one request for alteration can be made in a 12 month period.

Payment Plans

It's not really a big deal to turn this setting on, but we need to make sure that it can't be turned off while there are active payment plans. To mitigate this lack of control, once Payment Plans are enabled for your club, you can disable them at an event level if you don't wish to offer them.

All other payment options are completely under your control as to whether you'd like to offer them.

Part Payments

To be clear, this setting has nothing to do with our Payment Plan offering.
If this setting is checked on, then your members have the option of making credit card payments that are less than their total debt (ie. partial payments). The setting applies to both the checkout and a member's MyDetails screen.

Refund Batches

If you have the agreement with your bank to process bulk payments (you will have "ABA" file details) we can produce the ABA file from Majestri for you.   Input your User Identification Number so that we can embed it into the ABA file for you.