Fixing Duplicates

People are going to be duplicated in the system and there is no way to avoid it. Most people own multiple email addresses and have a propensity for using them interchangeably. We tried our utmost to avoid it early on, but eventually accepted that it's going to happen and our time would be better invested in providing you a tool to merge duplicates into a single record.

It's super-easy to do and we've attempted to identify them all for you in advance. Let's take a look-see at how you mop up that mess.


On the People and Groups tab in the Control Room, locate the button highlighted below.


And then?

Once you open up the function, you'll see that Majestri, in our infinite wisdom, have had a red hot go at trying to guess who all your duplicates might be.
Two people that can be merged will each have an arrow; one pointing up and one pointing down.
Basically, pick which one you want to keep and click the arrow of the other record. We'll repeat that. The record whose arrow you decide to click will be considered the duplicate.
You'll get a little screen pop up asking you to confirm the merge and "Hey Presto!", it's all done.

What's the impact?

Basically, anywhere in the system where the duplicate existed (registrations, orders, invoices), it will be replaced by the record you decided should be the master record.
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