Manual Receipting in a Nutshell

Some people still like their cold hard cash; some still like cheques, and as a club you may prefer to accept EFT payments rather than BPay to save on merchant costs. For these types of payments, where we're not doing all of the work for you, you're going to need to process the payment manually to recognise in Majestri that someone has paid their dues. This is the right place to be if you want to know how to do that.


We've got a pretty flexible system with Majestri. From very early on, we recognised that people work in different ways, so some screens, like the Manual Receipting screen, have a few different paths that lead to it.

The two most common ways are:

From the "Financial History" section on a single registration or order record


From the "Outstanding Debts" screen


And then?

Manually receipting will always start from this screen.


It shows you all of the current outstanding invoices that this person currently has with the club. It will even give you an insight into the breakdown of money owed on that invoice (ie. How much do they owe for their rego and/or order respectively)?

The big blue "Record a Payment" button should make you feel pretty comfortable that it's the next thing to do. Click on that and you'll see a popup appear.


This screen is nice and simple to use. Simply select the amount they're paying and how they've paid it. At the bottom right, you can even select whether to mail them a receipt at the same time.

** Majic Hint
Take the time to accurately record a proper receipt reference too (ie. EFT Receipt Number, POS Number, Cashbook Number, etc). It makes the Treasurer's job so much easier down the track and they will love you for it.

If somebody is paying the full amount, then that is all you will need to do. Once "Done" is hit, you will be returned to the main page and you should see the debt finalised.

If somebody is only paying part of the total debt, and there is both a registration and an order on the invoice, then Majestri will need to know how that money is to be allocated. When you hit "Done" another screen will pop up in place of the first one.


At this point, you may have been told verbally or by email how the down payment is to be used. This golden little feature will help you record that agreement by specifying the amounts for each component of the invoice so everybody on your Committee team will know the terms of the down-payment and there will be no confusion as to how that money was used. Sweet, hey?

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