Modifying Registrations

Does one or more of your registrations need a bit of tweaking? You're in the right place. This is so easy to do that you may feel inclined to just modifying registrations all over the place just so you've got something to do in Majestri.


In your main event panel, just click on the Registrations button. When presented with the list of registrations, select the one that you're going to be changing.

Changing Details

When you are viewing a single registration, you will see that it is remarkably identical to the screen that appears when you are putting through a new registration. The truth is that it is identical and changing details is as simple as clicking on any of the Change Details links peppered throughout the screen.

Financial Adjustments

If changing any of these details has meant that this family now owes more money or less money, you are going to want to adjust their registration financially. Click here to find out how it's done.