Modifying Shop Orders

Save arguments at the clubhouse when parents come in to pick up kit for the kiddies and it's not what they ordered. If an order was initially entered wrongly, or you might have had to change someone's product due to stock issues, this is the place to change things up.


On the Online Shop tab in the Control Room, choose any of the buttons that lets you see a list of orders.

Finding the Order

Use the filters on the right-hand side of the orders screen to locate the order that needs adjusting. If you would like a brief overview of this super-powerful screen, click here.

Changing Details

Select the order from the list that you would like to modify.

Financial Adjustments

If changing any of these details has meant that this family now owes more money or less money, you are going to want to adjust their order financially. Click here to find out how it's done.