Noticeboard in a Nutshell

There's nothing like killing two birds with a single stone. The introduction of the Noticeboard has two equally important dimensions.

Firstly, we're some nerdy guys here at Majestri, and we're not very good at communicating. We'd always wanted to show off a bit and tell you about the great features we're adding. Well, now we can, and you'll always see what's happening with your system.

Secondly, you the club can now communicate with your members when they're doing a registration or looking at their details. Post live information to them during the sign-on period so they can see the age groups filling up or already full.

This functionality is pretty easy to use and won't give you much trouble at all. Let's dig in.


You want to be on the Web Site tab and finding the link highlighted below:

Control Room  Content

Adding a Notice

This part is so straightforward we can't even bring ourselves to add any screenshots. Be aware that any notices added here will appear as a banner on a member's page when they are registering for an event, or viewing their MyDetails page.