Part Payment Ponderings

We haven't highlighted this feature enough, so this article is an attempt to draw attention to it and share some thoughts of our learnings from our years of working with clubs.

You may not even know that the Majestri merchant supports partial payments by credit card. It's a handy feature and raises some interesting discussion points.

Let's dig in...


It's hidden away. From the Control Room, head to the Financials tab and click the Change Details button. Way down on the bottom of the form, you'll see this:


Food for thought

Anecdotally, at the time of registration, your members are wanting to put some money down for their registration. If they play in more competitive leagues within your club, their fees will be higher. They're not all that keen to max out the credit card in one payment, but they want to at least get something down on that debt. The point is, don't stand in their way.

Throughout all of our software and help content, we speak repeatedly of removing roadblocks. We attempt to do it as much as possible for our clubs and also their members. This is another example. Any money they put down at registration time is less money that you and your volunteers have to chase up later in the season. People will pay you the money they owe if you take all of the roadblocks away that stops them doing so.
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