Payment Plans FAQ

This is a list of all questions that we've received from clubs regarding our sophisticated and comprehensive Payment Plan functionality.

How does your Payment Plan offering work?

We have a series of published articles on different aspects of our Payment Plan offering.

If you are after an overview in the first instance, with the option of diving deeper, then the best place to start is:

If you have already read that, and are wanting to understand a specific piece of the puzzle, then you could try any of:


Can we add the 3.3% Majestri charge to somebody's Payment Plan?

The system will not create our 3.3% as a surcharge on somebody's Payment Plan. It will not do this for any of our payment processing services. For more detail on why that is the case, please refer to this answer in Payment Processing FAQ.

It's at the club's discretion as to whether any type of administration charge is added to a member's debt, but it cannot take the form of a Majestri surcharge, and our company name cannot appear in the narration of any additional charge.


Why does debiting only happen on a Tuesday and Friday?

We just don't have the capacity to run debits every day of the week. At the banking level, it is still a largely manual process.

With experience now under the belt of this offering, we feel that two debits a week is sufficient to cater for anybody's pay cycle. If it's still not good enough, then your member may be better off using a different payment method that you offer.


Why can't we set up debiting to work off a credit card?

At this point, we're only offering direct debiting where a bank account is used. In order to work with a credit card, we would need to store credit card numbers in Majestri, which we currently don't in any form. Storing credit card numbers adds an exponential amount of expense and security overhead which we just aren't prepared to undertake at the moment.
There are technologies becoming available where credit card numbers can be retrieved without being physically stored on our system (ie. tokenisation), and we will continue to monitor advancements in this area. Once they reach a level of maturity and ubiquity, we will reconsider our position.

What happens if the debits fail when trying to get money out of a member's account?

To be perfectly clear on the matter, we're not offering Debt Recovery as part of our Payment Plan solution. If we have prolonged and consistent difficulty in debiting a member's account, then their plan will be cancelled and any money previously committed will just become outstanding debt once again that can be chased up in the usual fashion.

At Majestri, we have the ability to 'freeze' somebody's Payment Plan, which means it gets put into a state where no further debits are attempted until whatever issue caused us to take this action is resolved. So far, there are two scenarios which could cause us to take this action.


How do I change somebody's Payment Plan?

You have the ability to alter or amend somebody's Payment Plan most of the time. When we debit somebody's bank account, we are required to lock the Payment Plan until that debit has either cleared or been rejected (normally 3 business days). You will know when somebody's Payment Plan is locked as you will see a small padlock on the screen that lists all Payment Plans, or a big orange padlock when viewing a single Plan.
If somebody's Plan is not currently locked, then you can amend their Plan by following the instructions in this section.

How do I update somebody's Bank Account Details?

At this stage, if somebody has contacted you independently to change their bank account details, you can just pass them onto us.
In time, members will be able to update their own bank account details, but in the meantime, we need to be the ones to enter them in. We have a tool that validates a BSB number, and if there's a typo made, we want it to be our mistake that costs us money (for the subsequent rejection) than yours.

What do I do when the club is contacted saying SMS notifications are being sent to an incorrect mobile number?

When somebody signs up for a Payment Plan, they have the option to receive SMS notifications. Even though we default in the mobile number from their registration, some people will still update it to be the wrong mobile number (ie. one that isn't theirs).

Once we start sending notifications you may be contacted by an external person complaining that they are receiving notifications from Majestri/your club about money coming out of their bank account and they have no idea what it's about.

You first need to locate the offending Payment Plan that has the wrong mobile number recorded. The biggest clue is the amount that is being debited. If you subtract our $0.77 debit charge, you are left with the instalment amount that should match up with at most a handful of debit amounts. The exception may be if there are outstanding rejection or cancellation charges also being debited, but you should be able to use the amount to find the plan.

Once located, you can drill into the Payment Plan and click the SMS Preferences link on the right-hand side of screen. You'll be able to change the mobile number in the popup screen that appears.