Proxy Orders

Whether they're sitting opposite you on Sign-On Day or have you on the telephone, at some stage you are going to have to put an order through on behalf of somebody else.

Here's how.


On the Online Shop tab in the Control Room, locate the button highlighted below.


And then?

You will be asked to find the person in a list of all people for whom you're placing the order on behalf of. If they're not in that list, use the link at the top right of the list to enter a brand new person and put an order through.


Whatever you do, don't do this

When you are logged into the system, do not attempt to place an order on behalf of somebody else by going through the online shop as if you were buying something for yourself. As soon as you replace your own details with theirs at the bottom of the online shop screen, you will be overwriting your own details with theirs. As soon as you've changed that email address, you've lost access to the system.