Proxy Registrations

Some people have an overwhelming fear of technology. They desperately want to be part of your awesome club but there's no way that they're going to jump on the Interwebs and share their personal information with The Google. They want you to do it on their behalf.

It couldn't be easier.


Locate the Seasons tab in the Control Room and find the button highlighted below (make sure it matches up with the event you're wanting to do the registration for).

And then?

After you've clicked the button you'll be presented with a complete list of everybody that is part of your club but not already in the event. Locate the person you're registering and click the 'Register' button to the right of their name.
Alternatively, if they are brand new, click the '+ New Registration' button at the top right.

Whatever you do, don't do this

When you are logged into the system and are processing registrations for other people, whatever you do, don't go to the big green Register Now button on your web site and put people through from there. That action is akin to doing a registration for yourself and as soon as you enter other people's details, your own will be overwritten, and you'll probably lose Control Room access.
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