Refunds FAQ

For the process of returning money to members, these are the questions we get more often than not.

Where can I learn about how to do refunds in Majestri?

The recommend reading for learning more about refunds is:


If we're returning money to a member, does Majestri refund the club for the original payment processing fee?

No. Majestri does not refund any charges for payments that we've processed, regardless of whether the club has to refund money. 

We're not being greedy; it's just that we've already paid our own costs to our bank to process that payment, and they're not going to give them back to us.

If you're keen to ensure the club is not out of pocket, then you'd be quite entitled to withhold a small administration fee from your departing member. A couple of recommendations about this as a practice are:

  • Build it into your Ts & C. You won't get much argument about an admin fee if you can prove that it was agreed to upon registration.
  • Use a clear and concise narrative when raising the refund. It helps when other people (eg. auditors, future treasurers) come along and see the records when there is no context.


How do I refund money back to a member's credit card?

For security reasons, Majestri does not store credit card numbers in the system - that's a whole next-level of compliance overhead. As a result, it is not possible to refund money directly back onto a member's card that they used to pay their fees.

For most clubs, EFT is the standard way to return money to members, by collecting their bank account details and making direct payments to those accounts. We realise how labour-intensive this can be, and because we can't refund back onto the card, we've built some cool tools to take a lot of the work out of it. Have a read about Refund Batching to find out how to cut the time spent processing refunds.


I've raised a refund on a registration/order - why hasn't the system processed it?

Processing refunds in Majestri is a two-step process - you first raise a refund on a registration or order when you decide you're giving money back, and then you finalise the refund when you've physically returned the money to the member.

Majestri will not automatically do that second step for you. It's still required to collect members' bank account details and EFT money to them, but we do have some tools that will help.


If I need to refund a member for both a registration and an order, can I do it with a single refund?

It can be common for somebody to pull out for the season and demand their money back for both the registration and anything they bought from the shop.

So to answer the question; no and yes. Confusing enough? We'll explain.

Remember back to our primer on refunds, there are two distinct steps to refunding money; raising a refund and finalising it. Essentially, the raising stage will require two separate actions for a registration and an order, but the processing of the payment can happen in one go.