Refunds Overview

Situations always arise where a member has registered and paid their fees, before a change in circumstance results in them picking up and leaving the club, wanting a refund of money already paid.

Because we know how often this happens, we've done our utmost to cater for it in the system with the main goal being to make it easy to process, and leave a clear audit trail as to what went down.

This guide takes you through the two stages of processing a refund - raising it in the first instance, and then finalising it once money has moved back into your member's hands.


Refunds are a little more sophisticated than the other two types of adjustment - mainly because there are two parts to it.

If you think this is overkill, then stop and think how a registration works. It is also in two parts - the member registers for an event or buys something from the shop. This triggers the creation of a debtor's invoice in Majestri, but the payment side of things is completely detached from this; by necessity. The system doesn't know when payment is actually going to be made - it could be live, just after registration, or it could be at some point in the future. The act of processing the payment is completely separate from the act of raising the invoice.

Refunds are no different. The first stage is to raise on the registration or order that a refund needs to occur. The physical act of returning money could happen at a later time, especially when you look at the functionality we've built for batching up refund payments to members.

The next two sections explain the two stages of processing a refund.

Step 1 - Raising the Refund

A refund is always raised on the registration or order that is responsible for triggering the refund of money to a member. It manifests as an adjustment, and is created in the same way as any type of adjustment in Majestri.

For learning about raising refunds or creating other types of adjustments, please visit:

Adjustments Overview

Step 2 - Finalising the Refund

Once you've raised the refund on the source registration/order, then the outstanding refund will appear in the list with other outstanding refunds that may be in the system. To be clear, an outstanding refund is one that has been raised in the system but the money has not yet been returned.

To view all outstanding registrations, please navigate to the location in the Control Room, shown below:

Control  Room -  Outstanding  Refunds

As with money owed to the club, we show a dollar value that represents the total of all outstanding refunds waiting on payment back to members.

There are a few considerations when processing payments back to members, so we've got a separate article that documents everything involved. Please visit:


As we expand the functionality around handling refunds, we get plenty of questions. If you've got a question around refunds, please visit: