Registrar's Refuge

Registrars are going to be a club's best friend on Sign-On Day. They're the volunteers who will rock up on the day with a laptop under their arm, ready to set up and make sure that those queues never quite reach the front door. This page will step any volunteer Registrar through the activities that they may consider helping out with.

Sign-On Day

Well before Sign-On Day, make sure that everybody's armed with a copy of Majestri's Sign-On Day Survival Guide. There are some golden nuggets to be found in there about how to keep things humming along in the eye of the Sign-On storm.

Processing a registration on somebody else's behalf

Feel the awesome power of putting entire families into the system in seconds as you walk through our simple guide on registering on behalf of somebody else.

Processing a shop order on somebody else's behalf

Once you've had your fill of smashing in registrations, give the online shop a hiding as well as you come to grips with ordering goods on somebody else's behalf. Read here to find out more.
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