Registrations FAQ

This is an FAQ that contains the most common questions and answers we get around event registrations.

How do I delete a registration?

You have two options available to you:

  1. You can cancel the registration, which will essentially nullify the debt and change the status of the registration to 'hide' it from view. If you make a mistake, this action can be reversed by contacting us.
  2. You can send us a message at identifying your errant registration and we can remove all trace of it entirely. This action cannot be reversed, but it can make things a little tidier and reduce the financial noise a bit.

Please note that Option 2 is not available if the registration has had any payments made against it.


Why are some registrations 'Incomplete' and how do I handle them?

A registration can be partially or fully completed, but until your member takes that registration through the checkout, it is considered 'incomplete'.
There are a variety of reasons why people don't complete their registration at the time that they start it, but we've built you the tools to be able to give them a 'nudge' which will allow them to go back in and re-commence the registration from where they left off.
Please read our guidance on Incomplete Registrations to see how they should be handled.

Why are people able to complete a registration without paying in full? We don't allow any offline methods of payment.

Even if you have got available payment methods locked right down, and the only option available to your members in the checkout is credit/debit cards (and maybe Payment Plans), you may still notice registrations that get 'completed' and appear in the system.

In Majestri, a registration is confirmed as soon as a green button is clicked in the checkout. An invoice automatically gets emailed to members at that time. The reason for this is that the confirmation of registration is a separate process to the eventual payment. The majority of Majestri clients still allow off-line methods of payment, which requires us to have a registration for them to be able to make a payment against.

Even if you make credit card the only method of payment available, we still cannot force people to make a credit/debit card payment through the system. There are myriad legitimate reasons why somebody can't use a card (maxed out, expired, not at hand, don't own one). We cannot stop somebody saying they want to pay with a card and then just shutting down the browser during the online payment process.

If you've communicated to your members your expectation as a club for them paying their fees with a card, then these incidents should be few and far between. They also stand out when looking at your list of registrations as their payment is still outstanding, and you can either use our very good chase-up tools to solicit a payment, or just cancel their registration. The latter option would require them to fill in their entire registration again when they were able to source a card for online payment, which doesn't really make a lot of sense to us - there's nothing wrong with the registration, they just need a way to pay for it. Our built-in tools to solicit a payment retrospectively are second-to-none.

In our humble opinion, the most efficient clubs have one backup option to credit cards to collect money. That can be either BPay (where the system does all the work) or EFT, where you still need to manually receipt it. If you don't have a backup option, then you actually lose efficiency by trying to manually provide members, who just cannot use a card, an alternative payment option. If the invoice they get emailed doesn't have that alternative displayed, then it's actually harder to get money from them.


Why are there people with multiple registration records? How do I merge them or get rid of the duplicates?

Majestri allows people to perform multiple registrations in an event.

In the early days, we were a bit stricter on this, but found that volunteers were doing more work fielding calls from parents who had forgotten to add one of their players to the registration and were needing their submitted registration updated manually a lot. We were asked by early adopter clubs to allow people to register more than once, and accordingly, they have been able to ever since.

Essentially, our belief is that a family spread across multiple registrations isn't really a big deal. It's true that there's a little bit of pain when family-based discount/levy rules have been applied to each registration and need correcting. It can be as simple as applying a single credit note/debit adjustment to the subsequent registrations. Other clubs like to manually put all players on a single registration, adjust accordingly, and then remove the other ones. That's also fine.

To remove the duplicates, you can pick from a couple of options.

Ultimately, we need a better solution, but it's a tightrope to walk. Members should be able to update a registration, but changes need to be approved before any financial impact is reflected. Otherwise it really would be a nightmare. We think there's a middle ground there somewhere, and we won't stop thinking about the problem and trying to solve it better.


If a family has payments made across duplicate registrations, how do I bring them all together on one registration?

This is a situation that is linked to the above question where a family has players spread across multiple registrations. There can be the situation where more than one registration has had a payment allocated against it.

If it's your intention to manually merge the family members into a single registration, then you're going to want to make sure that all payments made are applied to that registration. In order to do that, you're going to want to re-allocate payments that were made on the 'other' registration(s).

Majestri has a mechanism for undoing where a member's money has been used and instead using it somewhere else. Our guidance on Applying/Unapplying a Payment will walk you through how this is done.

Once you've successfully centralised all payments onto a single registration, then you may want to get rid of the duplicate ones.


I've changed a registration and the invoice hasn't been updated to reflect what my member should owe. Why not?

In the first instance, Majestri will never alter an invoice that has been issued to members. We feel that if they get an amended invoice in their email in addition to the original, they are just going to get confused over which one is which.

Secondly, changes to the state of a registration (eg, adding/removing a player, changing a playing group) must be handled by making an adjustment. Majestri does not automatically create adjustments when you change a registration. Here are a couple of reasons why:
  • There are a lot of times when it is a judgement call by the committee as to what to charge somebody. Players may be added/removed partway through a season, which frequently necessitates a different charge to what is defined in the fee package. If we were creating adjustments everywhere automatically, you'd be creating even more to clean up the decisions we were making for you without context.
  • We can't tell when you've finished adjusting. Things would get in a right mess if we created an adjustment for every alteration - especially if you changed your mind or made a mistake.

It's not all doom and gloom though - we have created a function to take the 'thinking' out of it. For the simple cases, the Recalculate Registration function will run the current registration back through the fee package and 'suggest' an adjustment to get things to the balance. Please have a good read of our Help article though. It does not work in cases where you have already made discretionary adjustments that are unrelated to the fee package.