Resolving Access Issues

Quite often, after you grant people access to the system, whether as a committee member, event coordinator or team official, people get themselves a password and log in, but don't see what they expect to see.

A committee member can't see the Control Room, or a coach or manager can't see the teams they're in charge of.

It's a bit subtle sometimes as to what the problem is, so this is an article devoted entirely to resolving these types of issues.

Login Issues

If you are trying to solve an issue for a member that can't actually log into the system, or even get themselves a password, then we have a different article for solving those types of issues. Please visit:

Email Address

The email address that somebody is using to log in is what's absolutely critical here. If you think about how you log into Majestri, the email address uniquely identifies who it is that's logging in. When you first set your password in Majestri, we ask you which email address you'd like to set the password for, and then send an email to that address.

This is the most important thing to remember for the rest of this article - the email address is critical.


The most common problem is duplicate user records in the system. If somebody reports an access issue, this is the first thing you should check. Type their name into the People Search and see if they appear more than once. 

People -  Duplicates by  Name

If they appear more than once, and each duplicate record uses the same email address as the one they're trying to log in with, then this is a strong indicator that it's the cause of the issue. Think back to how logging into Majestri works - you enter an email address. If there are duplicates, Majestri has to pick one of these records as the record to attach the login credentials to. If we don't pick the 'correct' one (ie. the one that is a committee member, coach or manager), then your member won't see what they think they should.


The system comes with a built-in function that lets you inspect these duplicate records and merge them together when you're certain they are the same person. We also have some guidance on how to use it.

Fix  Duplicates
Once the merging is done, the history and attributes of all the individual duplicate records are combined into the single, remaining master record. If your member subsequently attempts a login, chances are that the problem will be resolved and they see what they expect to.

Email Address Conflicts

If duplicates aren't the issue, then chances are that the email address is being used by multiple members. Again, if you have members that need to log into the system, then they must be the only people in the system using that email address. Facebook mandates email address uniqueness, so we think we're reasonably allowed to do the same. It's how we identify who is accessing the system.

To see if this is the issue, go to the People Search and enter the email address of the member who is experiencing problems.

People -  Duplicates by  Email

As you can see in the screenshot, the email address is being used by everybody in the family. How is the system to know who it is trying to log in? Basically, we have no way of knowing. It also is not necessary to record the email address against everybody. The original registration takes care of communication options, and parents will automatically receive emails without hard-coding the email address against each player in the family.


The way to resolve the issue is to clear out the email address against everybody who is using it except your member who is trying to log in. If it's their email address, they should retain it. This will clear things up for the system as to who is logging in.

Inactive Committee

This only applies when you have a committee member who reports that they can't see the Control Room when they log in.
If you've checked both sections above, and still no Control Room can be seen, then it's possible that the defined committee may have 'expired'.
When you create a committee in Majestri, you put a start and end date on the committee, which represents the time window for which each member of that committee can have administrative access to the system. As soon as that end date lapses, people on that committee who used to see a Control Room, will suddenly revert to only seeing their own 'MyDetails' when they log in.


There are two possible solutions to this issue:
  1. If it is a new year, we highly recommend building a new committee and adding everybody to it who should have administrative access for the new year. We don't recommend just updating the previous committee as you'll lose the history of who served on those historical committees.
  2. If it is still the current year, then you can just push the expiry date of the committee back for as long as is necessary.

Still having issues?

If you've tried everything on this page and people are still having access issues, then please drop us a line at for assistance.
Please be sure to include as much information as possible (just saying "Marge can't log in" doesn't help much) and we'll get you up and going as quickly as we can. Things that are really useful with all support issues are:
  • A step-by-step process of what was attempted.
  • Any error messages that appeared onscreen.
  • Screenshots highlighting the problem are more valuable than gold to us.