Resolving Email Delivery Issues

One of the most frequent gripes you'll get from your members is that they're not receiving emails from the club.

This isn't the easiest issue to resolve or even control, but we've done what we can to put as much as possible back into your hands to sort out and investigate where communications issues lie.

This article shows the facilities built into the system itself, and addresses some of the problems that can occur, even though it may be out of all of our hands.

Emailing from Majestri - how it works

If you have an understanding of how Majestri actually sends emails to your members, then it may explain in advance some of the problems you're having. To gain an understanding of how it all works, please visit:

Email Delivery Issues

The first port of call is the central screen which logs delivery issues that SendGrid has encountered.

Email  Delivery  Problems

Each entry on this screen is an instance where SendGrid has tried to deliver an email to an intended recipient and encountered an issue.

Some of the entries have an attached error message in red text, as well as a button representing an option to 'remove the restriction'.

Email  Delivery  Problems -  Remove  Restriction

For an email address entry that has this information and functionality, SendGrid is not attempting to send emails. The nature of the error encountered on the first attempt means that SendGrid assumes subsequent emails are not going to be delivered either, and places them on its own internal 'Block List'. It costs money to send emails, so SendGrid has taken the approach that it will not waste it by repeatedly sending to an email address where a severe error was encountered in the first instance.

Steps to Rectify

  1. Ensure that it is not as simple as a typo on the member's email address. This issue can be resolved by going directly to the member's record and updating the email address. Some really common typos we see are:
    • Just a plain typo (eg. '', '')
    • Missing ".com" or "" on the end of the email address.
    • Missing "." before the ".com" (eg. someone@gmailcom).
    • Extra ".au" that isn't valid.
  2. Check with the member to ensure that they still own and use the recorded email address in the system.
  3. Check with the member to see if an email is in their junk folder and get them to flag it as 'Not Spam'. This should help resolve any problems of being marked as spam.

If, after a discussion with the member, they've convinced you that the email address is correct, and any delivery issue was only temporary, then you can click the Remove Restriction button next to the entry in the grid. This takes it off SendGrid's internal 'Block List' and attempts to send will start. Please be aware that if the same issue is encountered, then that email address will go straight back on. We'd encourage you to be careful when removing these restrictions. SendGrid still charges us for failed delivery which we don't pass onto clubs.

It's also worth noting that both Bigpond and Hotmail email addresses seem to be more troublesome than others. They can be overly aggressive when deciding what is spam, and in the case of Telstra, they can even try to impose delivery quotas on their email accounts when originating from the one source.

One More Thing

Another useful side effect of this screen is that you can see when an email address is owned by more than one person. Ideally, each email address should only be assigned to one person as it may cause problems when people want to log into the system. To understand why this is the case and how to resolve the issues, please visit: