Resolving Login Issues

Sometimes, members who want to gain access to the system fall at the first hurdle. They may have issue getting themselves a password, or even if they achieve that milestone, they can still have an issue logging into the system.

This article addresses some of the upfront barriers that people encounter trying to establish their credentials and then using them to log into the system.

Access Issues

If your member is actually able to log into the system but isn't seeing what they expect to, then we have a different article to address those types of issues. Please visit:

Problems Setting/Resetting a Password

The first roadblock somebody may hit is the inability to set themselves a password. The process is pretty straight-forward; from the site's Login screen is a link that says Reset your Password (this is the link to use even if you haven't got a password).

The resulting screen asks for only an email address - see the screenshot below.

Reset  Password

Once entered, if the system 'recognises' the email address as belonging to somebody at the club, it will send of an email that contains a link for the recipient to click. The first screen to greet them asks them to set a password, which they can then use in combination with their email address to access the system from the Login page - all pretty basic stuff.

Change  Password

Let's look at the two common issues people run into.

Entering the Email Address

It is unbelievable how many people can't enter their email address correctly. If the system doesn't recognise the email address, it produces a message saying so. 

Login -  Invalid  Email  Address

People will get stuck and swear black and blue that they are entering their correct email address. The long and short of it is that the email address they are entering does not match what is recorded for them in the system. It's possible that the system has the wrong email address recorded for them. If that's the case, just correct the one stored in Majestri and then they should be able to complete the Set Password process.

If you're sure that the one in Majestri is correct, simply enter it into the Password Reset screen yourself. If you can type it in correctly, then the system will send them the email.

Receiving the Reset Password Email

This one can be a little harder to resolve - your member may say that they enter their email address and the system tells them they'll receive an email shortly, but it never turns up.

Here are the things to investigate, in order of priority:
  • Ensure that the member is checking the inbox of the account for the email address they entered. You'll probably have to apologise for the obvious question, but we've seen it all.
  • Have the member check their Spam/Junk folder. Some email clients are pretty aggressive marking what they think is spam.
  • Consult the Email Delivery Issues function in Majestri to see if there are any recorded issues delivering emails to the address in question.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, it's time to get us involved. Send an email to, ensuring to please include the email address in question so we can consult our own records to locate any potential issues.

Problems Logging into the System

If your member has successfully managed to get themselves a password, then they may get stuck at the Login screen, attempting to gain access with the email address/password combination that they've acquired via the above step.

If the system has a problem, we display a deliberately 'vague' error message explaining that either the email address or password is incorrect. We don't want to say which one is wrong as it may encourage 'brute-force' hacking attempts.

These are the things to look at if a member has hit such a roadblock:
  • Is the email address recorded against their member record the same one that they're attempting to log in with.
  • Is anybody else using the same email address? It's possible that somebody else may have set their own password against that email address. Please see our article on resolving access issues to correct any problems with email addresses being shared.
  • It's possible they're not using the right password. The Reset Password process can be run again so they can set their password afresh. This is the most likely to correct the issue from what we've seen.

If all that fails, then it's time to get us involved. Send an email to with the member's name and email address they were trying to use.