SMS Messages FAQ

Why are your SMS credits so expensive to purchase?

Sending bulk SMS messages is a very different beast to sending them on your handset. It's still quite expensive to send SMS messages via an external service.

We sell SMS credits to clubs at cost price (currently 6.6c per recipient), and don't see the sale of SMS credits as a revenue source for Majestri. Previously, we tried a dirt-cheap SMS solution, but the messages went via such far-flung locations as the Ukraine, Namibia and Greenland. On occasion, messages took hours to reach the handset of the recipient, and on other occasions didn't turn up at all.

We predict that the SMS provider market will get extremely competitive in the near future and drive prices down. We are always on the lookout for a new service provider and will automatically pass on any cost savings to our clubs.

If I don't want to purchase credits, is there a way I can use my own phone to send a message?

Yes, there is.

If you compose an SMS message via the system in the normal way, we detect whether you are using a device with a SIM card in it. If you are, we give you on-screen option to drop the message down to your handset as a "multi-recipient" message (ie. a To number for each recipient defined in Majestri).

If you are sending to a large number of people, you may encounter limitations imposed by your device (eg. maximum number of recipients). This is something we have no control over.

When I send an SMS, who will the sender be on the recipient's phone?

That depends. If your mobile number is recorded against your user record, you will get a dropdown list that allows you to send as either your club name (a short version thereof), or your own mobile number.
A good rule of thumb is to send as your mobile number if you want a reply, or the club name if it's one-way.