Security FAQ

This is a list of answers to questions that we get frequently about Majestri's security model.

One of our members has reported that our online registration process is 'not secure'. What does this mean and how do we fix it?

This is covered completely in our guidance on SSL certificates. Please visit:

Why does it cost extra to have our site secured with a certificate and not be included as part of your base offering?

Just as the acquisition of your club domain name has never been part of our service, neither is the securing of that domain name. An SSL certificate is acquired for a domain name, not a web site, so just like your domain name, it transcends our offering. You can also use the one certificate to secure other online services not part of our offering that your club may use (eg. club email accounts).

Part of the reason we're offering this service is the difficulty in acquiring a certificate for non-technical people. We hate doing it and we're technical dudes. The reality is that we've had to invest time and money to build this extended service, and we need to continually invest effort to keep it going. We just have to put a price on that, particularly because it's external to the Majestri system, and we think $10/month to take the problem entirely off your hands is extremely cheap. It's also worth remembering that this service is optional, so if you want to save that money, then you can get your own certificate and send it through to us for installation. However, this would be something you need to do every time the certificate requires renewal.


Can you please give somebody adminstrative access to the system?

There is no need for us to do this as you have all the tools at your disposal to do this yourself.

As a policy, the only person from your club that we give administrative access to is the very first person to make contact with us and ask for a site so they can evaluate the system. After that point, access privileges are completely under club control.

More importantly, it's a security risk to you if we were to take on that responsibility. When somebody emails us asking to be given access, we really have no idea whether that person is entitled to that access.

The beauty of our security model is that you don't need to come to us all the time, so we advise having a read of our Security Overview and working out what type of access each individual requires.


Why can't Coaches and Managers see their teams in their MyDetails screen when they log into the system?

This is one of the most common questions we get about Majestri, so we've prepared a very targeted page that addresses exactly what you should look for when this error is reported. Please check out:

I've added somebody to a Committee but they can't see a Control Room when they log in. Why not?

There are usually two things to check when somebody has reported this to you:

  1. Make sure that the Committee you have added this person to is still active. Remember that each committee has a lifespan that you control, and people on a committee revert to 'Joe Public' privileges once their committee has expired.
  2. There may be a problem with either duplicate records for that person, or more specifically, multiple records using the email address they are using to log in. Please visit the following resource to see if you are able to resolve the issue with the system's built-in tools