Shameless Self-Promotion

Invariably, club volunteers have an existence outside of the club, and they come from all walks of life. People work for large corporations or small businesses, or own and operate their own enterprise.

Many a truth has been said in jest by club volunteers who wish they could have a system like Majestri in their working life. We've even fielded questions from people about whether we can build something custom for their business or somebody they know.

The fact of the matter is; we can, and we have already.

Sit back and we'll tell you all about 2Sinix.

Who is 2Sinix?

We created the 2Sinix initiative in order to maintain the separation between the system we've built for clubs to use (as Majestri), and anything else we do outside of that.

For those other custom systems, apps or websites you or someone else has been thinking about, there's 2Sinix.

What do we offer?

Apart from death and taxes, the other certainty you can rely on is that there is some seriously poor software out there in circulation.

All the promise that technology holds and organisations still can't get a system underpinning their business that automates the simple and repetitive tasks. Thousands of dollars have been spent by companies having web sites built that give them no return on investment at all. Worse still, they pay even more money to have the site modified. An entrepreneur with a great idea for an app that they're willing to put some money into really has nowhere to turn for that idea to become real.

Now, there's 2Sinix. 

You've seen first-hand with Majestri what we can build. We are expert-level software developers with serious credibility in building large-scale enterprise systems, and highly-designed bespoke web sites. You've also seen how we support the software we build. The standard we set for ourselves for everything we do is of the highest order.

If there's a need for a system that "just does something", we're the guys who could build virtually anything.

Check out the 2Sinix web site if you've got a problem you need quality software to solve.

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