Sign-On Day Survival Guide

Is this your first Sign-On Day using Majestri? If so, then welcome aboard first of all. You already know that Majestri has some sweet tools for your members to register themselves, but what about when they show up in person? This little survival guide will help you avoid money flying everywhere and queues out the clubhouse door. Let's get started.

Laptops and Internet

Your Majestri site can be used on Sign-On Day to process registrations which is excellent really, as all member information ends up where it should as it happens. Arm each Registrar with a laptop or tablet and make sure you have arrangements for Internet in place. If you are lucky enough to already have Wi-Fi in your clubhouse, then you're already sorted. Demos of the Majestri product are frequently done through our smart phones, so this is also an option.


Registrars must be set up with Control Room access if they are going to be processing registrations on the day. The easiest way to do this is to add them to the current Committee you've got going with a role of 'Registrar'. They will then need to get themselves a password in the normal fashion, entering their email address at the Password Reset screen.


Registering on behalf of somebody else

To perform a registration on behalf of somebody else, you must be logged into the system and have Control Room access. 

Now, whatever you do, do not go to the Event Page or the Home Page and click the big green "Register Now" button. You are logged into the system as a Registrar and will essentially be registering yourself. If you then enter the details of the person standing in front of you, you will be overwriting your own information with theirs.

Cool? Excellent. We have prepared a short guide for how to perform what we call "proxy" registrations. Please take a look at it and make sure everybody doing registrations understands.


Who is the 'Primary Contact'?

Admittedly, there is much less confusion around this nowadays as we've constantly refined the registration experience, but it does no harm to get this out there again so it's clear.

When you process a new registration the first thing asked for is the details of the Primary Contact. This person must be an adult as they are going to be saddled with the debt at the end of the registration process. Do not make it the poor 7-year-old girl playing her first year of sport as she will have to save her pocket money for years to pay her registration debt.

Placing an order on behalf of somebody else

We've been involved in a few Sign-On Days now and we see plenty of instances where parents register and pay online in the days or weeks before Sign-On Day, but then show up on the day just to buy a uniform or something else from the Shop.

Just as when you register on behalf of somebody else, do not go through the public shop if you are putting through an order on somebody else's behalf. You will end up placing an order for yourself and then overwriting your own details.

Please get everybody to take a look at our short guide on doing Proxy Orders.


Credit Cards

On Sign-On Day, people come down there with all sorts of different payment methods in mind. The Manual Receipting functionality in Majestri caters for just about everything you'll need (Cash, Cheque, POS, etc).

But what if somebody produces their beautiful Gold card and you don't have EFTPOS facilities?

Even when registering on behalf of somebody else, you can put through an online payment. Get them as far as the Credit Card details screen, turn the monitor around, hand them the keyboard and get them to complete the payment. When they see how easy it was to do, they might even think about doing it all online next time.

Please note that processing payments this way will attract a processing fee from Majestri. Details of all our fees and charges can be found here.

Manual Receipt of Money

In the excitement of Sign-On Day, we have seen instances where errors can occur in the receipting process. The adrenaline is pumping through everybody's veins as they try not to keep people waiting and wrong amounts can get entered in. If you want to achieve a level of excellence in manual receipting in Majestri, read this guide.

If, in the heat of battle, you notice that you've entered wrong details against somebody's member record, please do not create a slew of adjustments in a bid to try and balance it out. The system does not work that way - you'll just end up creating a lot of noise that will need tidying up.
If it's not entered correctly, just do the following:
  1. Don't panic - we can easily fix it.
  2. Note down the incorrect record along with what the correct amounts should be
  3. Send an email to when Sign-On Day is finished with your complete list of incorrect records and we will tidy it up.

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