Testing Event Registrations

A very popular feature of the system is the service we offer to customise events that you're hosting and want to take registrations for. We customise your registration form and build a bespoke fee calculator just for the occasion.

We do it all up, put a pretty bow around it, and then hand it back to you. Naturally, you want to test it out. You want to make sure that we're capturing the right information and that the right amount is being charged for a registration.

So what's the best way to do this? Ideally, we don't want to put a whole heap of test registrations through and then deal with a big pile of clean-up afterwards.

Lean in and I'll tell you how Majestri developers test out these fee packages.

Proxy Registrations

It all starts with putting through a test registration as a "proxy". If you've been living on another planet and don't know what we mean by this, then have a quick read of our article on Proxy Registrations.

Register somebody

Start a new registration on somebody else's behalf. It can be somebody fictitious or even select somebody from the club. As long as you don't actually go through the Checkout, an actual registration won't get created.

You'll start with the Primary Contact, then the Emergency Contact (if necessary), and then one or more "Players" or "Attendees", depending on the type of event that's been set up.

Take the time to check every field for each person. 

  • Is everything being captured? 
  • Has every critical piece of information been flagged as mandatory? 
  • Is there enough "lead" text on the registration form to explain what you want people to enter?

Inspect it all thoroughly, and when you're ready, hit Next at the bottom.

Breeze through the shop

If the shop displays next, then feel free to just go straight through it to the checkout. The shop has no bearing on the event that we've customised.

The Checkout

First order of business is the instruction to not select any of the green buttons on the Checkout page.

Basically, you don't need to. At this point in time, the registration has been created but is in an "incomplete" state. You can see the calculations that have been performed by the custom fee calculator. They are laid out on the Checkout screen. It basically shows what an invoice would look like without needing to create one.

To test different scenarios, simply loop back and Edit Registration Details to change field values and progress again to the Checkout screen. You will again see the result of the calculations.

You can perform this loop again and again and again and again until you're satisfied that we've got it right. Then, the only clean-up is to delete the incomplete registration, which you can do yourself. No financial data to clean up. No mess. No fuss.
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