The Jargon File

At heart, we at Majestri are nerds. Having built the software from scratch, and having being fully consumed by the system since late 2010 when we wrote the first line of code, we do have a tendency to lapse into an archaic dialect from time-to-time.

If you refer often to this document for translation purposes, you will soon be speaking like a Majestri native in no time.

"Control Room access"

Simply put, members of the Administrators group, or people on an active Committee get to log in and have access to the Control Room. Nobody else does. When we say "Control Room access", we mean either of the above conditions apply.


It's interesting that Majestri has been taken up by so many different types of organisations. We thought early on that this may be the case, so we needed to come up with some "generic" terminology for our own sake as much as anyone else's. The clear definition for an "event" in Majestri is:

Any activity that you would like to take registrations for through Majestri


We are all proud Queenslanders here at Majestri, and as is the tendency of our state brethren, why waste oxygen on 4 syllables when 2 will work just fine. Embrace your own inner bogan and know that:
Rego = Registration.

"Shell Site"

When you first decide to see if we've got the goods to deliver what we promise, the first thing we'll do is set up a web site for you. We term this the shell site, as we deliver you the basic outline (colours, club logo), and the rest is for you to fill in. After you've built it out enough, you get to decide whether your greatly-advanced shell site will become your new club web site, or if you want to keep it in the background as a kind of "members-only" area.
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