Treasurer's Trove

Who would be a Treasurer? It is definitely one of the toughest jobs that could ever be taken on in a volunteer capacity. Taking charge of the financials, chasing up debts, making sure everything balances; you wouldn't want to do it in a pink fit........until now. We've gone to enormous lengths in our system to make the Treasurer's job far easier than it has ever been before.

Below is an overview (complete with tips and tricks) of the tool-kit we've built for Treasurers that is so exceptionally sweet, you're going to want to hold onto the job for years.

Core Financial Settings

Before any online activity occurs, you should make the time to quickly run through this small guide that gets the basics done. It'll take about 3 minutes and 14 seconds of your time.

Majestri Financial Fundamentals

This is THE place to start if you are new to Majestri and/or the Treasurer role. Get an insight into the mechanics of our underlying financials, as well as some of the design decisions made along the way.

Understanding the fee package

As the Treasurer, you'll be heavily involved in the deciding your club's schedule of fees for the upcoming year. Take a quick dip in our little primer on fee packages to see how to plug your fee packages into Majestri.

Adjustments for Registrations and Orders

The art of adjustments has been shrouded in mystery for generations. Thought to have originated from a long-lost order of Shaolin monks, we have documented all known facts about adjusting registrations and orders to accommodate changes, and then making sure the financials match.

Chasing Debts

Take some of the pain out of possibly the most hated job for a volunteer to do. Our sweet set of built-in tools for chasing up debts make things less personal and more efficient.

Tracking and Reporting the Money

This is where the Treasurer is worth their weight in gold. Whatever your requirements, you can get what you need out of Majestri's financial data using our trusty Bank Reconciliation function.

Bank Transfers from Majestri

Every Tuesday, Majestri will place your club's proceeds (online credit/debit card and BPay payments minus the Majestri merchant fee) directly into your bank account. We're proud of how transparent this process is and encourage you to get familiar with this area of the system so you can see for yourself.

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