Web Site Quickies

What is a good browser to use for editing my web site?

We'd love the editing tools for your web site to work on every browser out there.  Unfortunately that is just not possible.

In recent years the quality of internet browsers has vastly improved.  We personally use the Google Chrome browser.  If nothing else, we love just how fast and robust it is.

Apple's Safari browser is also fantastic, as is Mozilla's FireFox browser.

The latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer is quite good, though we have had some trouble with some versions of it, so if the tools on our web site don't seem quite right and you are using Internet Explorer , it may be worth either upgrading to the latest version, of if you can, trying one of the browsers mentioned above.

I want a custom image for the header of my web site. What size does this image have to be?

There is no limit on the height of your image (though we'd suggest not going anything bigger than 200 pixels high). The best width of an image for the header is 1024 pixels.


How can I give my web page a Table of Contents?

To switch on a table of contents for a page on your web site, edit the page in question.  On the top right of the page is the page name.  Click the 'edit' link, and you will be able to change the name of the page (which affect the URL that is used to access your web page), and also switch on a table of contents for the page.


Whenever I paste content into a new section on one of my pages, the formatting looks weird. What can I do?

When content is copied from another web page, a word processor, or similar, and then pasted into a section on your web site, often the formatting that is transferred with the content looks out of place and sometime down right weird.

For this reason, we recommend first pasting content into a basic text editor (like notepad), then copy the text from this basic text editor and paste it into your web site.  This in effect strips the custom formatting that may have been copied from word, the web, etc., and leaves you with nice pristine text.

In our experience a nice clean web site with consistent formatting is much more inviting for your users.

Formatting is messed-up when I copy text into the editor from another site or document?

To save re-entering text that you want to copy from another web site or document (e.g. Microsoft Word document), we do recommend that you copy and paste the text into the Majestri editor.  However, most of the time the formatting from the original web site/document will also be copied along with the text causing undesirable formatting issues.

A trick to overcome this issue is to copy the text into a generic text editor (e.g. TextEdit, Notepad++, TextPad, etc.) then just copy and paste it into the Majestri editor.  This intermediary step has the effect of stripping away the formatting so that you just copy "clean" text into the Majestri editor.

You may find that you will also have to remove the formatting from within the generic text editor by using one of the options provided by that editor (e.g. the Make Plain Text option within the Format tab in TextEdit on the Mac).

Can I write my own HTML for a section on my web site?

The editing tools used to modify a section on your web site allow you to enter 'code' mode, which in turn let's you modify the HTML directly.  If you haven't had experience with HTML before it's probably best not to use this feature, as it can be a little over whelming, but if you feel comfy modifying HTML directly, go for your life!


Some of your other sites have a fancy slideshow with scrolling images on their home page. Can I get one of them?

We provide a custom service should you want a more sophisticated web page created.  Please contact support@majestri.com.au outlining what you require, and we will be happy to prepare a quote for the work.

If your website has scrolling images (typically on your homepage) and you want to add/change an image, please send us the image you wish to use (which should be sized 730 pixels x 320 pixels) at support@majestri.com.au.

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