Xero Integration FAQ

This is a list of all the common questions (and answers) that we get around our integration with the accounting system, Xero.

When I post to Xero I get an error about a bad access token. How do I fix this?

The first time that you authenticate to Xero from Majestri, we are given an access token by Xero. The purpose of this token is to prevent the need for you to log into Xero each time you want to post something. Xero only issues these tokens to trusted applications.
For whatever reason, this token seems to expire, so the best way to fix it is destroy the token we've already got and let Xero give us a new one after you log in again. The Clear Tokens button on the Xero Summary screen can be used to destroy the current token.
Please read our overview of Xero Authentication & Security for more information.

Can I split revenue between different age groups/club sections?

This is not possible to do using our integration functionality.
Majestri produces registration invoices for a family. If that family decides to pay only part of their total bill, then we have no way of knowing how to dissect that part payment amongst the players on that registration form. Each club will have their own unique view of the rules of applying part payments. It is also further complicated when discounts and levies also factor into it. Which playing groups should discounts be applied to? Does a volunteer levy get paid with the first money received or the last? There's too much knowledge required to do those apportionments.
Most of the time, that kind of reporting is done for the purposes of budgeting, and our contention would be that this does not need to be reflected on a regular basis. Towards season's end, when most fees have been paid, the system has plenty of views to help make those budgetary decisions. We track player numbers, plus you still have the original fee package used to calculate registration fees. Those two measures will give you an excellent view as to how much each age group/division is worth to a club.
If you'd still like to be constantly reflecting this information in your accounting system, then it must be done with Manual Journals. You can use our Invoice Explorer functionality to find invoices being paid, and then each payment must be dissected across the players on the registration.

Do you also have this integration functionality for MYOB/Reckon/Wave/etc.?

No. At the moment, we only have integration with Xero. Their API that allows us to make calls directly into Xero is by far the most mature. In addition, most of the demand from clubs is for Xero.
We will never rule out integration with other accounting systems, but the decision will be driven by demand from our clubs, and also confidence from us that their external API is robust, secure, and bug-free.