Xero Integration Overview

One of the benefits of the Majestri system is the amount of tacit knowledge we have about each and every payment made by your members that is receipted into the system. Whether you're using one of our payment processing options or receipting payments manually yourself, there's a lot of information we track, mainly about what that money is for - outstanding registration debt or outstanding shop order debt.

Xero is an online accounting system and our own system design philosophies largely mirror theirs. In fact, we use Xero for keeping our own Majestri books, so can't recommend it highly enough.

Majestri are now Xero development partners, and we've built a bridge between the two applications that clubs who use both systems can now exploit to make life even easier for your treasurers.

This article explains how the integration works and how you can access it through Majestri.


Your philosophies around what and how financial information should get posted to Xero must match our own in order for this integration to work for you - we are very prescriptive in our expectations as to how affected revenue/expense accounts are set up in a club's Chart of Accounts in Xero.

Primarily, our focus is to reduce the noise (ie. the number of transactions) in your Xero General Ledger (GL). Majestri already stores a lot of very granular detail about how payments are allocated to the different types of debt that can be created. That detail does not need also to be replicated in the accounting system, whether you use Xero, MYOB, Reckon, etc.

The information that should be taken out of Majestri is all about revenue - using Majestri's knowledge of the revenue allocations at the time of receipting, so you can line it up with the money as the club receives it.

At it's core, this software integration between Majestri and Xero is all about preparing the bank transaction and all other associated revenue/expense transactions for matching against each item in the club's bank statement that is either a lump-sum deposit from Majestri (as part of our payment processing services) or from your members directly to the club. Majestri has all of the knowledge about what that should look like, as it was responsible for managing the allocation of member payment to outstanding debt.


Before you can start posting transactions into Xero from Majestri, there are some Accounts and Contacts that must be set up in Xero. These entities are what will be used to create transactions against from within Majestri.

Please read this setup guide on the different types of accounts and contacts required, and ensure these are set up in Xero before attempting any posting.

Switch on the Integration

At the moment, access to the integration functionality is controlled by us, as we like to have the initial discussion about whether the way your club's financial accounts are set up is a match for how our integration works. We're quite prescriptive in how the integration works, and your revenue accounts in particular must match the way we push that information into Xero.

NOTE: Once we switch the integration "on", then every receipted payment after that point will be deemed 'unposted' until it has been posted to Xero. There may be a bit of a backlog if you don't start posting until some time after you ask us to switch the integration on.

The benefits of the integration are huge, and can automate financial operations even more than what Majestri currently does alone. It also removes that human element that can allow errors to creep in when things are done manually.
If you're keen to know more about the integration, or would like to have it turned on, please just send us an email at support@majestri.com.au.


Once we've flicked the switch to unleash the integration functionality, you'll see a brand new button appear on the Financials tab in the Control Room (shown below). This is your entry point into posting transactions directly into Xero from within Majestri.

Control  Room -  Xero  Summary

Posting to Xero

If you've read through our prerequisites and set up all of the necessary accounts and contacts in Xero, then you are ready to start posting transactions into Xero to start matching against the deposits that are being made into the club bank account.

Please jump straight into our Posting to Xero guide to see the next steps.


If you've got a specific question about our integration into Xero, chances are that somebody has asked it before you.

Please head over to our Xero Integration FAQ to get the information you need.